Faris Al Sahraa


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When using an ordinary toilet bowl, you must have much concerns about the sanitary and clean problems such as piss,  scurf and other contaminants. Even using antisepsis liquid, it may still not work well. So it is invisibly clean. People strive to protect themselves by trying to cover the seat with layer of toilet paper or squat on the seat, which may cause injury, waste of toilet paper and water, a pipe jam. So it will not only increase the cleaner’s workload but also cannot effectively solve the sanitary problems that they are concerned about.

Installation of Faris Al Sahraa sanitary toilet seat will provide you with the new toilet seat for your every use. The visibly clean system will effectively prevent the cross- infection and provide you with “private bathroom” assuring you comfortable and safe. People will not cover the seat with toilet paper, which will greatly reduce the maintenance cost, cleaner’s workload and make sure the safe and best clean seat. Avoiding squatting on the seat will extend the span of toilet bowl and prevent the accidental injury that may cause dissensions to company or public places.

For installation, you don’t have to change the toilet bowl. It just needs to replace the conventional toilet seat. It is quite easy to install Faris Al Sahraa sanitary toilet seat. Faris Al Sahraa sanitary toilet seat is suitable for 90% of toilet bowls in the market. “Invest Once, Benefit Forever” installation of Faris Al Sahraa sanitary toilet seat will reflect your company culture and demonstrate that the company cares about the well-being of your customers, visitors, and employees. It is suitable for all the locations: hotels, airports, restaurants, country clubs, casinos, offices, factories, schools, hospitals, sporting arenas, and other public restroom facilities.